Michelle-Aaron-MurphyMy husband and I decided we didn’t want to shuffle around the dance floor and feel like our first dance were all eyes on some completely unco newly weds. So we decided to quietly go about finding a way to learn to dance.I contacted a few dance studios and then came across Nikita our dance teacher to be. At first contact she was fantastic to deal with and after some unexpected interruptions on our part we finally got ourselves along to start some classes. I think from memory we made it along to 3 classes before doing a couple of private sessions, who would’ve thought we could pull something together in that short a period, but in amongst planning a wedding, parenting a under 2 year and old working part time… we found the time. At the classes we were greeted with very friendly dance teachers and students who were very welcoming to us new comers and we started to pick up some basic moves.

As time loomed closer to the big day we then had a couple of private lessons with Nikita. Wow…. a very impressive teacher, patient, honest and the perfect manner for constructive feedback in the nicest of ways (which is most important when trying to perfect what feels like the impossible lol) and amongst all of this she even had a witty sense of humour, most important when hubby and I to be starting trying to give each other constructive feedback ;0) lol. Nikita seemed to out of thin air choreograph a dance together for us out of most of the moves we had learnt in the classes and helped us learn the routine and have a less boring first dance together. My husband and I had a lot of fun doing this and managed to pull off what I think was a none to shabby first dance. I do believe we even got a few wolf whistles…. what do ya know!!! Lol…a little effort can do wonders and we really did have a lot of fun.

A big thank you Nikita for helping us and being a superb teacher. We hope if baby sitting permits to take up Ceroc as a fun hobby for hubby and I to do weekly, who knows we may even reach dancing with the stars in years to come….. hehe :0) Thanks again Nikita and the team.

Michelle and Aaron Murphy
(Married 19 November 2010)

Michelle and Aaron Murphy

Rachael and PaulPaul and I started doing Ross’s beginners classes in October last year and then progressed from there to having private lessons with Ross and Nikita leading up to our wedding in February this year.

This was one of the “fun” parts of organising our wedding and they both went along on our dancing journey with us. They were patient, understanding, totally committed and tailored our first dance to something magical for us.
When we look back at our video now we will always remember that this was a special part of our wedding and be thankful that Ross and Nikita helped us achieve this.

You are both true professionals, have an amazing ability to teach with always an element of fun. Not only do you dance beautifully together but are an inspiration for others to dance.

Rachel and Paul
(Married April 2015)

Rachel and Paul

We wanted an amazing first dance that would entertain and wow all our guests at our wedding. So we went to see Ross and Nikita at Ceroc West Auckland at the Te Atatu Peninsula Community Hall. We had a long way to go to look any good, but with a lot of patience and fun Ross and Nikita taught us a wonderful dance routine to the music we chose to make our day more special.

They taught my father and myself a first dance also which wowed everyone as they had no idea that this was coming and that he could even dance! All our guests loved it and enjoyed watching us on the dance floor.
We highly recommend Ross and Nikita for your wedding dance as they put alot of effort into making you look perfect with there private training and learning a wedding dance gives you great confidence on the day, as you dont need to worry how you look or that you have to make up something on the spot. And Ceroc was lots of fun to learn! thanks Ross and Nikita.

Jeremy and Katrina Kaijser
(Married 29 April 2011)

Jeremy and Katrina Kaijser

My wife and I would like to thank Ross, Nikita and the team at West Auckland Ceroc for their amazing passion and dedication to bringing to life the world of dance. I have never had any formal dance training in my life and the daunting fear as father of the bride having to dance with my daughter in front of our quests was very over powering, particularly since my daughter has been dancing since her early childhood years and my biggest fear was to embarrass her on her big day.

Back in November of 2010 my wife, daughter, her fiancé and I commenced beginners classes in Ceroc and over the pursuing months we worked our way through the various routines. Though, clumsy at first having two left feet, with the team at West Auckland Ceroc we progressively became more confident to a stage that we began to enjoy the tuition and the weekly sessions. To Ross and Nikita, a big thank you for choreographing the two routines that you put together for Jeremy & Katrina, and Katrina and myself. Without your patience and persistence to detail we would not have accomplished what we did.

The dance routines at the wedding went exceptionally well, with all the quests totally amazed by the performances, considering that everyone at the reception knew that apart from our daughter, no one else on stage could dance, especially me. With applause and cheers from the quests, this special and unique opportunity to have this magical moment with my daughter will be something I will remember for a long time to come. To Ross, Nikita and the team at West Auckland Ceroc, thanks for the memory and may you bring that joy to many more people in the near future.

Frank and Ann Huysdens
(Parents of the bride)

Frank and Ann Huysdens

Stephanie and Chris BarnesNo “thank yous” could ever be enough for you both Nikita & Ross…..

Our dance made the night for us – and everyone at the wedding – on Saturday! In fact we got asked to do it a second time and both times we got through it without stuffing up (much!). It was so much fun, particularly as all the guests were yahooing and cheering etc, it was great!!!!

The weather was perfect, and the whole day went without a hitch.

So THANK YOU for contributing to a fantastic day for us. We’ll get back along to Wednesday night classes when the dust settles.

Stephanie and Chris Barnes
(Married 15 January 2011)

Stephanie and Chris Barnes

s&j dance It was such a pleasure learning Ceroc. We would very much recommend Nikita for wedding dance lessons. She made it fun, exciting and helped us with every step we got stuck on be it the girls or guys part. The moves she chose for the song were spot on, romantic and reflected different parts of the song perfectly. We would also recommend going to the group Ceroc classes beforehand which were social, lots of fun and entertaining.

Suzanne & Joel Stockley